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What is The Promise Sister's Network?

The Promise Sisters Network formally known as Sarah's Promise is a support group for women and their families who have experienced pregnancy or infant loss. We also extend our efforts to supporting families who experience difficulty with fertility. Sarah's Promise now named Promise Sister's has been advocating for women and their families since 2009. 
Since 2019 we have annually gathered to support and remember the babies that gained their wings by releasing balloons, doing a walk to remember and this year we hosted a healing tea entitled Beauty For Ashes.

As a woman who has experience with loss and promise I consider carrying this torch of advocacy not only my duty but a calling. 

Why the name change?

The name change came about after thinking of how important it is for women to know that Sarah's Promise wasn't just a promise made to Sarah, but it is also a promise made to you too. I was reminded of when you write a letter, and you have something else to say towards the end of your letter you put a p.s. at the bottom. Well, that is what Promise Sister's is, a reminder that the promise that was made to Sarah is also being spoken over you too and God still has more to say concerning you.  Even though you may be in waiting of your promise the P.S. serves as a reminder to you that God has not forgotten, and your story is still being personally written by the Father. The Sister's in the new name also lets you know that you have a community that can not only relate to you but there's a community a network here to support you along this journey.


How can you support Promise Sisters?


2023 will be a big year for us and we cannot do it alone. We need your support and donations. Our efforts this year will push harder to be more present in the community, hosting monthly gatherings, support in hospitals and more. If you would like to connect to this community and donate or volunteer, please send us your information below and someone will be in touch soon.

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